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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

“The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari represents to me something very real and terrible . . . that fear of things having no reason and loving evil instinctively.”

Pollyanna (1920)

“. . . Miss Pickford doesn’t grow up because she can make more people laugh and cry, can win her way into more hearts, and even protesting heads, as a rampant, resilient little girl”[1]             I didn’t want to like this movie. At face value, this is a competent adaptation of a well-known children’s bookContinue reading “Pollyanna (1920)”

Intolerance (1916)

“For in spite of its utter incoherence, the questionable taste of some of its scenes and the cheap banalities into which it sometimes lapses, Intolerance is an interesting and unusual picture.”

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